Elon Musk.

TESLA... Oh! I love the sound of that name. Visualizing oneself in a futuristic car driving across the country and all that with one time investment. Well this calls for a credit. 'Musk'. That's the name people. I stumbled upon this name when my friend told me about a guy owning very many companies that's... Continue Reading →



I love the idea of coding. Have you read the biography of Elon Musk. If you haven't then I suggest you read it probably you'll know that age 12 is, well quite and age to make a computer game 🙂 I am a med student so it's probably not in my field to code but... Continue Reading →


  Becoming 18 is considered as a psychological landmark in a person’s life. They say , at this age the transition takes place , the boy becomes a man. I was pretty excited to be 18. This became more of a burning desire when I was 17, because I joined school earlier than my friends... Continue Reading →

An attempt.

One day I actually am going give a beautiful start to my thoughts; but this statement will do for now. How does it feel to be in completely new state of India, full of new people of completely different perspective? Seeing a new culture which India is famous for? Of course the hindrance – the... Continue Reading →


' IQ  is the adaptability to change. One should work upon and take a leap of faith on those things he is utterly incapable of doing ' -ksh This is supposed to be an introduction. We reckoned that we should initiate our weblog with a quote, so incoherent with originality we made one and that's... Continue Reading →

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