Do you crave a Soulmate Connection?

Try reading this…
Sometimes I find something amazing
Compensation for the ‘my lack of better blog…’

Karen Beatrice


The forest screamed with darkness. The rain pelted down unrestrained. Trees bellowed in the stormy wind, whooshing with eerie sounds, enough to wake the dead. The lone woodcutter huddled in a threadbare cottage, filled with memorabilia of a life well lived.

A moth took refuge, petrified by the surge of gusty wind. Lightning flashed in the distance. Thunder decided this was a good time to announce its arrival. The startled moth crept up a decrepit table and launched itself between a cup of half drunk coffee and mealy bread.

A fuse burst somewhere and the cottage was plunged into darkness. The moth shuddered, while the woodcutter scrambled clumsily to find a candle. The candle was found and lit.

Suddenly, there was life. The moth looked up in wonder at the golden glowing ball. Fascinated, it stared as the flame kept changing shapes; high and flickering, soft and steady, round and…

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