On Music and Musicians

Music fills the infinity between two souls” – Rabindranath tagore

That which fills the infinity must be infinite itself is what we can uderstand from it.From the feeble,faint chirps of the birds in the woods to the earsplittingsound of the thunder,everything can be music.Music is in the very nature.

What makes a great musician is the choice of sound frequencies he adopt given by the nature.More accurately,the choice and patterns of the notes he choses,for each note chants a different frequency.Legendary music directors’ and musicians’ list is long.The reason for this being different people like different musicial styles.For one Metal might seem just chaos or noise,but for other it could be meaningful.For one, jazz could be boring,but for other it might be completely involving and blissful.

Being an admirer of music is as good as being a musician because only these two people know the true meaning of that piece of music.The capability of humans to listen to something and recognise it as music is inherent.The happiness people feel when they hear the music they like is priceless.A person with grief thanks his earphones and music player for being with him when he was lonely.

This is what i feel as a person with some touch in music.I am grateful to whatever made me sense it.

Till next time.


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