This is the second blog of mine pursuing coding. I’ll stick to the short log like always.

I was introduced to

  • networking concepts
  • regular expressions

both of these are powerful tool to know. I am not joking and I must tell you that one is better off knowing this after learning basics in programming. I haven’t learnt all of-course, just the basics- how to make a client and how to create a server and how to establish connections, to make a multi room chat platform. I am sure people who study this will find quite futile to read such excitement in reading about a person knowing such basics but still I am amazed.

In my opinion regular expressions should be taught as it can be a powerful tool in learning automation, if you learn just the basics, then probably you’ll end up making your computer just an expensive calculator.

Instead of learning new things now I will focus on strengthening these for a few days then probably holidays will be over so will study medicine.



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