Elon Musk.

TESLA… Oh! I love the sound of that name. Visualizing oneself in a futuristic car driving across the country and all that with one time investment. Well this calls for a credit.

‘Musk’. That’s the name people.

I stumbled upon this name when my friend told me about a guy owning very many companies that’s all. I am not a news reader so generally I come across even new innovations quite late, I searched him VOILA! the name stuck to my tongue.

Now I am such a big fan. I have read his book from Ashlee Vance and not but astonishing facts were there. No wonder ‘memes’ are there on internet about him being compared with Iron Man. Striking figure

  • I was amazed when he learnt BASIC  at such an age.
  • founded X.com merged and became paypal 
  • didn’t go down in dot.com bubble
  • spaceX is just too much to even apprehend in my mind
  • Further fucking more Tesla( however he didn’t start it but made an immense contribution)
  • solar city 
  • Hyperloop (Oh! now I believe he can do that just being musk)


I even love the fact that he love Gaming ! Oh god I can’t take it now!


He is the ideal figure for the future generations to look up-to. I believe he is the guy who is gonna take the status of scientists to rock-stars and that moment will be defying ‘fucking’ stereotype( by the way I am using that word because according to the book that actually is used quite a lot by him)

I few of his speeches including coming in the TED. The guy is devastatingly competent and I don’t want to stand against him.

This post is not about complete thesis about him. To find faults there are many, but I won’t be the one to list them. I am just a fan who want to praise him publicly 😉



And God! He is such an alpha !.


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