Python.svgI love the idea of coding.

Have you read the biography of Elon Musk. If you haven’t then I suggest you read it probably you’ll know that age 12 is, well quite and age to make a computer game 🙂

I am a med student so it’s probably not in my field to code but I must tell you I was being fascinated by computer since I was a kid. The very idea of coding excites me –  A programmable computer “WOW” what else could one want.

Not just for calculation purposes other wise your computer will be just an expense calculator.
I am talking about great and different tasks in my field also…such as DNA translation,  statistics, in research purposes, app building etc

Few advanced options are also present for the awe of the beginners, such as automation in your computer, accessing the web through your program, boring repetitive task done at a snap.

Nowadays there are courses that teach programming languages such as python which is quite new and emerging and courses are available sites such as edX and coursera…

There are books available such as core programming in python, python cookbook, there are dedicated websites

and the most amazing books are by Al Sweigart…

If you learn basic python somehow this guy teaches amazing practical application such as automation, creating games

Most of all coding is not like that fancy stuff you see in Die Hard 4.0 like movies where everything is quite hype. Well it’s a means to understand the new modern computer world. To stand confident and resolute in handling of technology

I suggest you learn a  language for curiosity purposes atleast…



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