An attempt.

One day I actually am going give a beautiful start to my thoughts; but this statement will do for now.


How does it feel to be in completely new state of India, full of new people of completely different perspective? Seeing a new culture which India is famous for? Of course the hindrance – the language. To visit a state is different but to live in one is altogether a different experience.

As soon as I came, I wanted to decipher the people’s language before my other “Hindi” friends do so. To be ahead in such a task is a fantasy and is something what I fancy. Learning a new language isn’t as easy as I thought. A melancholy comes to my mind when a patient speaks. To start was a problem, to learn out of excitement and stress both, but nothing to build upon. Rarely the words resemble with what I am accustomed to speak.

After one full year I started to pick up. I needed to open up and not being a wall but a vessel that fret everything new. I must tell you it needed a car equivalent impact to my brain. Everything is new, and the pace with which I am learning is the slowest what one can speculate and surmise. This is what this is about.     An Attempt to learn kannada.

Thinking of being a doctor always seemed to me – to know it all and run with all. I, being an aspirant am no close to a speck of what I expected. It comes to me as I don’t owe the right to touch and auscultate and to feel the morbid vitality of the person before the simple but arduous task of communication. Being amiable seemed everything to me when I went to my father’s hospital.

What I came to learn through it all?

Well fretting words over words gives a boost and zeal for sure but nothing’s more powerful than trying to speak a few broken sentences with people and getting self corrected.

For the perk’s part, there are many.

Bragging back in your home town is a good one. Losing the incapability is another and yes competitively ahead of others is the transient happiness which is worth it.

To be more dramatic than it already is, the gist of this writing is to alleviate people like me and give solace if I succeed.


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