‘ IQ  is the adaptability to change. One should work upon and take a leap of faith on those things he is utterly incapable of doing ‘


This is supposed to be an introduction. We reckoned that we should initiate our weblog with a quote, so incoherent with originality we made one and that’s precisely the point.

This is the blog by bunch of med students and according the author of complete plain words- ‘ the contemporary article is best among its people if the words and vocabulary is trending and apprehended by mob reading it.

So prime aim of our weblog will be certain sets of topics which our readers will get to know later. We’ll keep it original and simple and the preceding language will be eloquent. Not some superfluous vogue way, but plain and simple statements.

So we are going to blog over a couple of weeks. Obstinately and solemnly and probably over music, humor, books, travelling and anything we could speculate now and later.

To recapitulate, it will be just a less personal but more witty, charming, prone to castigation thoughts which of course will be public. Monetizing of the site was one option but that’s some work so, instead we tried to keep it more of information type rather than economical. It requires guts to claim to generate revenue when you have just started.

Abide by us the whole journey



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