Journey of a kitten’s life

Well hello there.kitkat’s the name. Cats usually don’t do the “hello” part,but I do.I am not surprised that you want to read about how I am living my life,cause c’mon I am a kitten…. who doesn’t like me(Among humans).We cats don’t keep track of dates when we are young.We don’t know when we first mewd,our... Continue Reading →

My First Cigar

It was a year and a half since Shravan, Rohan and I moved into our rented house. A fairly old place with three rooms and a hall so big, which made up a sizeable portion of the house. It also had a small kitchen with windows. There was a washing area where our maid Aruna... Continue Reading →

How wonderful are metaphors.

I happened to be on the Ted ed you tube one day. They described a wonderful video about metaphor. Here watch it yourself. Me and my friend are big fans of good books. I recently have moved towards the habit of writing. Great advises are given in full series of related videos from a writer's... Continue Reading →

What can internet teach you…

With my learning course, there is this one thing I would hate now or then, CRAMMING. Practically we are expected to just remember so much that actually sometimes it becomes a burden and sometimes disheartening to just do nothing but remember. I know there will be a lot of people telling this idea of pure... Continue Reading →

Do you crave a Soulmate Connection?

Try reading this…
Sometimes I find something amazing
Compensation for the ‘my lack of better blog…’

Karen Beatrice


The forest screamed with darkness. The rain pelted down unrestrained. Trees bellowed in the stormy wind, whooshing with eerie sounds, enough to wake the dead. The lone woodcutter huddled in a threadbare cottage, filled with memorabilia of a life well lived.

A moth took refuge, petrified by the surge of gusty wind. Lightning flashed in the distance. Thunder decided this was a good time to announce its arrival. The startled moth crept up a decrepit table and launched itself between a cup of half drunk coffee and mealy bread.

A fuse burst somewhere and the cottage was plunged into darkness. The moth shuddered, while the woodcutter scrambled clumsily to find a candle. The candle was found and lit.

Suddenly, there was life. The moth looked up in wonder at the golden glowing ball. Fascinated, it stared as the flame kept changing shapes; high and flickering, soft and steady, round and…

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On Music and Musicians

“Music fills the infinity between two souls” - Rabindranath tagoreThat which fills the infinity must be infinite itself is what we can uderstand from it.From the feeble,faint chirps of the birds in the woods to the earsplittingsound of the thunder,everything can be music.Music is in the very nature.What makes a great musician is the choice... Continue Reading →

Hear Tolkien Read from The Lord of the Rings

I have to do this. Otherwise it will be unjust

Kristen Twardowski

Since Oxford Libraries recently announced a new book and exhibit about J.R.R. Tolkien, the author of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, now is the perfect opportunity to listen to some archival audio from him.

The clips here were first shared by Eugene F. Douglass Jr. along with Maria Popova from Brainpickings. According to lore, Tolkien initially recorded himself reading The Hobbit in 1952. He was on a vacation to Worcestershire, and he stayed with friend and colleague George Sayer. Commercially available tape recorders were still fairly new, and Sayer had recently acquired one. With nothing better to do, the pair spent some time playing with device. Tolkien was fascinated by it, and his interest led him to make several audio recordings over the years.

The recordings here are just a few of the ones that survive. The one at the top of the page…

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This is the second blog of mine pursuing coding. I'll stick to the short log like always. I was introduced to networking concepts regular expressions both of these are powerful tool to know. I am not joking and I must tell you that one is better off knowing this after learning basics in programming. I... Continue Reading →

A tribute to J.R.R Tolkien

Keeping with the code of my writing to do something new I read the "Lord of the Rings" - Fellowship of the Ring.  Right now I have to tell you I am filled with nothing but reverence for the book and the author. I can't imagine how visually stunning that book felt to me. As... Continue Reading →

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